Very happy

“Megan, just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for your help and guidance with the college essay. She was very happy with the final version and has met the Nov 1 deadline. Thank you again!”


I got the job

“I GOT THE JOB 😭I COULD NOT have gotten it without you!! Thank you so much Megan!”



Hey Megan! I’ve submitted all my college applications by now, and I just want to say thank you so so so so much for all of your help! My essay was really good, but it wouldn’t have been without your help. I’m really grateful that I had the chance to work with you! I will keep you updated in my college process this year and thank you again! 🙂



Megan, thanks so much for all your help! I think this is all going to pay off with all of her supplemental essays when she submits later this week for early decision and early action. Thanks again! “

Update: She got into her early decision school! Thank you so much for all your help to make this happen, we are overjoyed!


College interview confidence

I know she is much more confident about the interview than she would have been without your help. She felt great about the interview. “

Thanks for your help – 🤞for a positive decision from her early decision school – she would be so excited! Your comments were very helpful on that essay.


The Real Deal

For anyone interested in working with Megan Johnson for help regarding real world entry post-grad she is the REAL DEAL. She is patient, personable, and she knows what it takes to be hireable. I graduated from college in Spring of 2019 and moved home to the Triangle Area to start my career as a graphic designer. And as a result of working with her, I landed a paid internship within 4 weeks of moving home. She helped me redo my resume, provided me with a very strong cover letter, rewrote my LinkedIn and Indeed profiles to help me find the key words I needed, and assisted me with proper interview preparation. Because of her, I landed the most amazing paid internship within one month of me moving home. I would not have gotten this opportunity if it weren’t for her helping me better understand who I am and why I am hireable. Those are two questions she helped me answer within myself and on paper. When my internship ends next year I plan to work with her again throughout my next job search. She’s the best!


Dream job

“Good news – I got my dream job at the firm that we prepped for last week! Thanks again for all your help – you definitely were a big piece in helping me get the job!”


Magnetic enthusiasm

“Megan is a great coach. She lifts her students up and helps them discover their best selves. In the process she is kind and energetic and has a magnetic enthusiasm that our daughter felt from the first day they met until the final application was submitted. She is professional, but personal and highly committed to her work and her students. The stress level for our daughter, and in our house, was really low throughout the entire application process because it was the two of them who handled it all. They developed a tight schedule and worked through deadlines and communicated easily throughout the process. We were able to not be involved, but deeply trust Megan’s expertise and efficiency. We would recommend that any family have their student work with Megan. She is a treasure!”


Feeling empowered!

“We have thoroughly enjoyed watching our daughter work with Megan on her college essays over the past few months. She has felt empowered by Megan’s keen coaching skills on developing essays that are truly “her” essays. Megan helped her focus on her true self, her true passions and got her comfortable with showing vulnerability in writing these deeply personal essays. Megan was an expert on knowing what the colleges are looking for, and helped our daughter focus her essays to answer the questions proposed, but also tell her story. We feel she has grown immensely during the process and knows more about herself than she did before working with Megan, which is such a bonus.”


6 for 6!

“Our daughter went 6 for 6! She received acceptance letters to each school she applied to…even her reach!!! A huge thank you to Megan for her time and effort. We can’t thank her enough for all she did to support us through the process.”


Feeling energized

“The thought of updating my resume has always been extremely daunting. I have always had a bit of imposter syndrome when taking ownership of my efforts at work, and to distill these efforts into a compelling resume was quite a hard pill to swallow. Megan worked with me step by step to learn about the past two years in my career, advised on tricky questions specific to my function in sales, and helped me produce a resume that makes me excited to interview for new positions. I left the process feeling energized to revamp the rest of my personal brand. My girlfriend has now worked with Megan on her own resume, and has been killing it on interviews!”


Navigating the college application process

“Megan has helped us tremendously this year as my son Ryan has applied to colleges.  Each of the five schools he applied to required personal essays and after he was admitted, there were other essays for his application to several Honors Colleges.  It was overwhelming for me as a parent to have to review and edit the essays and this is where Megan was extremely helpful.  Because she was able to actually point out whether the essays were on point or not and had experience as a reviewer of applications, she saw things that neither my son Ryan nor I could spot.  I cannot recommend her highly enough for anyone going through the college application process.”


Crafting my personal narrative

“Megan was an immensely helpful adviser throughout the MBA application process. From early on, she offered excellent guidance in crafting my personal narrative. Megan provided constructive feedback on my resume and essays, including assisting in tailoring each application to match the core values of that specific school. Her depth of knowledge on the overall process and grasp for what top programs are looking for was indispensable. Thanks to Megan I was able to present my best possible application and successfully be admitted to a top-tier business school that is both a strong cultural fit and one that offers opportunities in line with my career goals.”


Taking my career to the next level

“I’ve been in sales for many years and have had a lot of success but I have struggled to land a higher-level role. Megan helped me explain my experience in a way that I was never able to before. She helped me gain insight into what interviewers are looking for and gave me the confidence to apply for positions I previously would have thought were unattainable. With her help and guidance, I was able to land a regional sales director position that has been absolutely life changing for my family and me. Her knowledge of the hiring and interviewing process was invaluable. I could both answer and ask the right questions during the interview and was offered a position that on paper I was not fully qualified for. I thought I was good at interviews before but after working with Megan, I KNOW that I can sell myself and land any position that I desire. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for me.”


Gaining confidence

“Megan was such an amazing resource in helping me to land my first job. She specifically helped me with my interview skills by coaching me on how to sell myself to the interviewer. She also coached me in the mechanical skills of an interview such as breathing, talking slowly and making good eye contact. The whole process of working with Megan helped me to feel confident walking into the interview because I knew I was well prepared.” 


Telling my story

“After graduation, I struggled with telling my story effectively to potential employers. My resume was long and ineffective, and I had a hard time answering interview questions succinctly. With Megan’s coaching I was able to navigate my career search and tell prospective employers my best story.  After just a few sessions, I acquired the skills and confidence needed to land my dream job. I always knew I had a lot to offer but Megan helped me organize and articulate my skills and experiences in a way that was compelling to my employer. Thank you Megan!”


Highlighting my strengths

“Megan has really helped me tailor my interview responses in a way that highlights my strengths for the interviewer. This has given me more confidence in dealing with interviews and the application process as a whole.”